The Red Kite

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Red Kite ~ Milvus Milvus

This week has been a very wet and windy one, with today being no exception. Even though I am Storytelling always happy enough to be in the allotment once I’m actually there the thought of getting out of a nice warm car when it’s blowing a gale outside 2016 is quite off putting!

But this morning I was so glad I did have to venture out into the wind as I caught the stunning sight of one of our local Red Kites, because cheap nba jerseys we are half way on up a mountain we are often lucky wholesale nfl jerseys enough Sundance to see them Hello breezing past almost at the same level as news us. These large birds always look so sleek and elegant soaring through the air. Even today he flew head on into the winds just like its a calm sunny day!

By chance I Artist had my phone camera already on and in my hand when I saw him today so La managed to catch him before he disappeared. The quality isn’t great and you can hear the winds blowing a gale but here is what I captured of the Red Kite this morning:

He stayed above the fields for a few minutes, I’m guessing cheap jerseys he’d seen some possible breakfast. But then he went off south down the valley dipping in and around the trees in the forestry before disappearing around the bend.

I hung around a bit to see if he’d come back cheap mlb jerseys up but sadly he didn’t.

Hopefully I’l capture him again soon!


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